Your Solutions Weaver & Fabric Support Partner
Your Solutions Weaver and Fabric Support Partner

Since 1991, YUMA’s mission has been to create and deliver new value in the window coverings industry by weaving fabrics on the foundations of business integrity, exemplary service, material performance, and versatile solutions.

With our state of the art manufacturing facility and high-tech equipment, coupled with our skilled staff’s talents and history, we provide exemplary window fabric solutions that keep pace with the technological material innovations and design trends in our industry.

As Our Customer, You Receive More than Just Fabrics,
but Reliability, Trust, and Tailored Services

With approximately 30 years of experience, YUMA USA and our team of fabric specialists are experts in the window coverings industry. 

By working collaboratively with our customers, our staff drives weaving processes that allow us to explore emerging materials and technologies to 

deliver a broad, versatile array of fabric solutions that meet and exceed our customers' performance and customized aesthetic fabric needs.


To meet the demands of today’s commercial and residential window coverings market, we offer solar control SunCool performance roller shades, designer Zebra shade fabrics, and custom designs for diverse applications in varying transparencies and styles to solve many vertical market challenges.

We also offer an affordable selection of fabric equipment to keep your business running productively.


With many fabric options and suppliers available, choosing the right fabric partner can be challenging. When it comes to our business philosophy, we believe in the importance of service.

Each customer deserves the same amount of respect and attention. When you partner with us, you receive more than products, but reliability, trust, and tailored services no matter how large your company may be.


As a subsidiary of YUMA China, YUMA USA is backed by its parent company's rich history and proven success in the global window coverings market.

YUMA China has grown to one of the largest windows covering manufacturers worldwide, operating from a 3.4 milion sq. Ft facility equipped with top-of-the-line German and Italian-made weaving machinery.


Our fabrics are submitted to a number of internationally recognized testing facilities to ensure they provide healthy, sustainable solutions, enhance solar protection, energy savings, durability, aesthetics, occupant comfort and more.

Each YUMA USA roll is woven with quality control in mind, guaranteeing minimal to zero defects, and excellent performance backed by a 5-year fabric warranty.

The YUMA Brand Has Grown to the Largest Window Coverings Manufacturer in China
and is One of the Largest in the World
  • 1991
    Founder Mr. Sun and two other staff established YUMA's curtain factory
  • 1992
    Founder Mr. Sun started visiting customers in the entire Shandong province only with his motorcycle
  • 1994
    Introduced first coating machine and became the first company in China to implement a coating process for fabric production.
  • 2003
    Built an alliance with Germany's famous KALIKO textile technology company
  • 2005
    A period of advanced weaving innovation started when production began in YUMA's new weaving workshop.
  • 2006
    The milestone product Zebra blind was successfully developed and launched into the market, promoting the development of the blind field. YUMA is the first company who produced Zebra blind in China.
  • 2011
    YUMA's mission and core values were established.
  • 2014
    Built the third production base, the biggest production facility of sun-shading globally - Shan Dong Yuma, Sun-Shading Technology Co., LTD.
  • 2019
    YUMA USA officially established
  • 2021
    YUMA officially became a joint-stock shareholding multi-national cooperation.